Bitter Slices of Life

Very less of us sit and think about everyday issues that affects us. Why this happens is because many of us have become so busy with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Business, work and many other things.

What life is actually? Why we have to discriminate religion, color, gender, good and bad. Life for women could be worse than any one could have imagined. Do not do this but do this!

Gender roles and, in particular, attitudes towards female sexuality reflect how far a society has developed in terms of equal opportunities and rights for men and women. Perceptions of sexuality are part of the overall picture of a society; attitudes towards female sexuality demonstrate the place women have in that society.

Some conservative religious groups have strict role stereotypes and taboos surrounding sexuality which  have a negative effect on women. Thou we are approaching an advanced and modern world yet we have not been able to solve the problems the women face through such practices.

In Nepal, there is a practice named Chaupadi which has led women to live a life which is not normal compared to the men in the society.  Chaupadi is a traditional Hindu practice that banishes menstruating women — considered unclean — from the rest of the house. Women practicing Chaupadi are banished from home and are led to  live in an isolated sheds or houses.Women are also not allowed to use the water source that other members of that community have access to. My question to any society practicing that is why women have to go through such a thing if they are not chosen by women themselves but is an act of nature.

A school girl has to live in this shed and miss school just because she is banished from home while her menstruation
A school girl has to live in this shed and miss school just because she is banished from home during her menstruation.

The taboo associated with this practice has resulted many girls to lack adequate access to schools and other places. The girls also lack knowledge on personal hygiene and care as during their menstrual cycle they are abandoned.

Societies have endless rituals and customs which are only for women but man can live a normal life if they come across such circumstance.

In India or Indian women are required to wear white clothes as a sign of mourning after their husband passes away. It is believed that husband is a jewel for the wife after marriage. After the loss, the wife has to wear white clothes with no major jewelries on. It is believed that white color represents purity and after a loss, the white color gives strength to a woman to face challenges in her life.

Why women have to go through this kind of rituals in the society when after even wearing a white sari her sorrows would not lessen. If such claims are true than why the man of the society cannot wear the same white clothes when their wife dies. Our societies are setup in such a way that mind sets have made such rituals impossible to be abandoned.  It is different in different parts of India and Hindu societies, but eventually women have to go through some type of rituals that suppresses their freedom to live a joyful life. Slowly women are recognizing the rituals and living outside the norms and rituals but there is a very wide gap where women still live under these rituals or live without following them.

An Indian Society which requires women to wear white after the loss of their husband.
An Indian Society which requires women to wear white after the loss of their husband.

As an inspiring women I feel that such rituals are baseless and should be demolished from our societies so that women feel free to continue to live their normal lives even upon loss of their husband. The question of these are really rituals? or mind sets of people? is still there. Why women have to make choices and why not men have to follow the same rituals. If we all know we have freedom of expression, freedom of rights, and equality for women THAN why women have to be treated such in the society.

Why we act so smart on Facebook, Twitter and other social media yet when it comes down to following such simple attitudes towards women we are so dumb. Does the law of “Freedom of Expression” contradicts itself or people cannot change their SO CALLED mind-set. How about we start from today and respect every woman right or any freedom a woman wishes to  have. Just tell yourself that WE NEED TO MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS.

Freedom to choose
Freedom to choose

4 thoughts on “Bitter Slices of Life

  1. OMG is the practice of Chaupadi still done nowadays ? Discrimination against women seems to be rife in these regions and its quite sad. Enlightening read!


  2. So true too about the role of social media in all this – its so easy to hide behind the keyboard and make proclamations – everything’s easier said than done nowadays and no amount of universal declarations on protecting human rights seems to be able to change these decades old train of thought. And these women suffer on.

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