Why women are thought to be Different?

By the time you would have read this line, somewhere a girl would have been aborted just because she is a girl, some kids must have driven their mother crazy just because the father refuses to listen and indicates by telling “go tell your mother”, a woman must be crying because a man or a husband would have hurt her .

A man’s day starts from the bed to bathroom and to breakfast table. Why a woman’s day starts from a bed to the bathroom, to kitchen, to laundry, to house work and then to work. It’s just hard to describe how a woman keeps on doing things for the entire day yet we keep on relying on them for the cleanness of the house, for meals, responsible for disciplining the children.

Times have changed from tradition to modern, yet we are still way back in recognizing what a woman’s duties must be.

In many parts of the world, many women are forced by their husbands or in-laws to abort the child if it’s found out its going to be a girl. Why a boy is not aborted? A child who has not yet seen the world is judged before she is given any duty to perform and prove herself worthy.

Women can share the same work and earn the same. Many women today around the world are successful and earning good money. But we have yet to recognize that man still outnumber the number of women in politics, business and judiciary fields.

In pacific island countries women are still “recognizing” themselves. Women still have to come out of the paradigm where they believed that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Very few women represent in government in the Pacific island countries. Women are not given the attention they should be given to prove themselves worthy in the work field.

Apart from how women are presented in the work fields, a woman has to decide how to dress, how to sit, how to choose friends, what time to return home, when to go somewhere. Why so many questions in mind, when it’s just a matter of the same thing a boy has to do.

If a pen falls down, a girl has to bend down without stretching far out and considering how her dress is to pick that pen. But if a boy has to pick the same pen, why he just can kick that pen further and pick out even lying on the ground.

Small issues and concerns of such might be funny to think about most of the time, but imagine a normal day of a feminine. It is just difficult, so difficult that a woman will have to take an entire week to explain how a day goes by in her life.

A man can cat call on the street but if a woman does it than it is immoral. It is difficult and even next to impossible where a woman can go on street without being cat called. Even if a woman is well dressed, her beauty would be questioned again. Words like “sexy”, “hot”, and “seductive” have totally lost their importance. They have taken the face of negative phrases which even pollutes the beauty a woman holds.

Why has the world changed and made a different perspective of what a woman is? A woman is supposed to be just a life-giver (mother), a sister, a grandmother, and an aunty. Even before any of these, she is supposed to be a woman. A gender or sex not undermining what treatment we give to the person. A woman is supposed to dress freely, shop freely, roam the streets freely, choose her job freely, and spend her day freely and most importantly be a human that is free from others thoughts.



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